Spikes X034

The Super Slub proprietary denim is the Railcar Spikes X034 style, a 15 ounce Turkish double red line selvedge constructed with copper hidden back pocket rivets, flat felled inseam, double waistband to reduce waistband stretch, run off waistband tucked chain stitches to reduce chance of unraveling and tucked belt loops for a clean look. The denim fabric took 1 year of development and is very unique. It's very slubby having large irregular vertical yarns that you can already see brand new in the raw state and will further show when faded. The color is dark indigo and inky with NO red cast. All made with American hardware, American veg tan leather and American woven labels. 100% of the cutting and sewing was done in-house and not outsourced to a downtown third party subcontractor. All lengths are normally 35 inches. Any altered custom length jeans will not be returnable or exchangeable. Please contact Railcar if you need help on sizing.