Center Hi Canvan Black & White

This is the ultimate classic basketball shoe that will let you run faster and jump higher. A shoe that is so well regarded you would be crazy not to have a pair in your collection. They're well made, long lasting, look great, go with everything and are easy on the wallet. What more do you want or need out of a shoe? 

The Center HI P.F. Flyer is made from premium materials, has a vertically ribbed toe guard and a durable treaded outsole. The Posture Foundation insert revolutionized sneaker comfort and is still a standard to this day. These things are comfortable and will feel great all day long on or off the court. They will seriously last a long time and you can kick the $h*t out of them without any worry. 

  • 10 oz. duck canvas
  • Flat cotton laces
  • Elegant P.F. Flyers ankle patch
  • Signature rigid wedge comfort insert
  • Long lasting, comfortable, classic styling