Suavecito X Johnny Cupcakes Pomade 2020 Edition


Pomade that smells like cupcakes? Yes, please. The aroma of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes awaits your nostrils. Spin open that cap and enjoy a whiff or two-hundred of buttery vanilla cake, but please, don’t eat any. We promise, it doesn’t taste anything like it smells.

Suavecito has brought you a fresh batch of their sought after original cupcake scented pomade. It’s the same cupcake scent you fell in love with, but now in a minty green can to match those Johnny Cupcakes ovens. Stay tuned, because we’re baking up even more fun with the beloved Johnny Cupcakes.

Directions: Apply to semi-damp or dry hair for best results. Distribute a small amount (about the size of a quarter) evenly through hair. Style as desired with comb or brush. Rinse with water to remove from hair.

Medium hold - medium shine
New 2020 Edition
Intoxicating Vanilla Cupcake Scent
Proudly Made in USA