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Steven Dang, Railcar Fine Goods

Railcar Fine Goods is a privately owned business located in Arcadia, California. The beginning-to-end production of Railcar's garments and accessories is a manually developed process. All garments built(TM) in Railcar's workshop are fabricated by a small staff. It begins with quality chosen fabrics that are each cut using Railcar's original designed patterns. Railcar's goods are crafted using older traditional manual and rare vintage sewing equipment including black Union Special and Singer machines. Nothing is automated in the Railcar workshop. Every item is made by a highly skilled artisan rendering each piece an instant collectible garment.

Railcar Fine Goods was created by Steven Dang. After fixing and repairing Los Angeles Metro passenger trains for some time, Steven decided that he wanted to do something more interesting and creative. Build clothes. Taking his attention to detail in the mechanical and electrical world and reapplying it towards building high quality garments was a parallel transition. Hence, Railcar Fine Goods. Railcar doesn't make clothes. Railcar builds garments. Every stitch and angle functions together to return a masterpiece.

Railcar Fine Goods Water-Soluble Pomade

In late March of 2014, Steven released a new product derived from the same philosophies that have branded Railcar's products as "Fine Goods". Railcar Pomade. Every aspect of Railcar's water-soluble pomade was well thought out and geared towards adding as much aesthetic greatness to a display case as it does hair.

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