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Lowrider Super Show 2015. The last stop in the Lowrider tour is held in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada. After attending the Torres Empire show in downtown LA we had to attend and vend at the Super Show. There was so much to do if it was meeting with friends, gambling, drinking, or hitting the car hops in Las Vegas industrial area. The show on Sunday was packed! We met so people and car clubs from all over the world. We had our special deals on Pendleton, Bendavis, Gunthers, Zig Zag Shoes, and other accessories. The show had the best Lowriders, models, and musical acts making people not want to leave when it was over. 

We look forward to attending all the stops next year! So keep an eye out and say whats up! Special thanks to. Martha Carrasco and Mykal Fakerich

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