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It has been 57 years since the Dr. Martens boot developed in the boot industry, and this boot still remains to be a historical and fashion icon all over the world. From the classic 1460 smooth style to the low 1461 boot, their styles continue to flourish and thrive, influenced by classic trends and also newer ones. Nevertheless, Docs have proven to be an inspiration for newer brands that still are developing in the industry, which are influenced by the durability and style of the Doc Marten boot.


The boot first made an everlasting mark in the midst of World War II, when German soldier Dr. Klaus Maertens engineered a boot by creating an air cushioned sole to recover from his war injury all by using military tools and resources with his soon to be partner, Dr. Herbert Funk. When a small English town family by the name of Griggs came across Maertens’ and Funk’s notable, one of a kind boot, the Griggs family took initiative to have this Airwair boot become a part of their shoe company and completely change their outlook on quality and durability for all of their boots.


England takes the cake for not only some of the greatest punk bands ever known, but also for the original branding of the Dr. Marten boot. In the 1970’s, punk rockers would rock the 1460 boot which has ultimately made that boot a Doc Marten classic. There is no greater combination than punk music and Doc Marten boots. Doc Marten boots have made their mark in British punk culture as well as post-punk bands all over the world. Today, the Doc Marten boots made in England are still available and England continues to be primary home.


Doc Marten boots are built to last, which is why these boots were utilized in the military and worn by punk rockers on tour such as members from the Sex Pistols and The Clash. These shoes currently exist in various styles-- long-lasting canvas like on the Mayport boot, leather available in a matte or smooth finish, or even combinations of lightweight material like synthetic leather and tough nylon on the Combs. Doc Martens now make more casual styles like the Tobias sneaker made of soft leather. All shoes remain with the logo heel tab and bare the yellow welt stitching that expose the brand. The Doc Marten boot has also become a solid work boot due to its air-cushioned and slip resistant sole. It’s no wonder everyone wants their own pair of the Doc Martens

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