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Zig Zag Wino Shoes


It all began in 1976. The Vietnam war had ended, optimism was in bloom. Our aim was to create a timeless, comfortable shoe for a good price. Zig-Zag was quietly born.

The name Zig-Zag was coined as we were running a different paced race, marching to our own drumbeat. We didn't follow in the steps of the behemouth shoe companies.We knew that we would get to the finish line one day, but we would zig and zag to get there and enjoy every step of the race. From day one, we made our shoes for the individuals who matched our ethos and were on their own journeys in life.
Our first shoes were known as "roofers" as many people in construction would wear the mesh slip ons, due to the utility of being comfortable and very breathable for hot working conditions. Our next style was the slip on and the lace up, constructed with hopsack canvas. Word quickly spread and the fuse was ignited into a wildfire. 

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