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People wonder why Ben Davis is still so popular since its first appearance in the mid 1930’s. First and foremost, the Ben Davis Gorilla is the chief in the workforce community.

Ben Davis Shirt Emblem

Whether you are a machinist, barber, construction worker, or mechanic, Ben Davis makes quality items ideal for any job. Mechanics have been wearing the iconic Ben Davis Half Sleeve Zip Up since they have been working on classic cars in non-corporate body shops. 

Bend Davis Belt Buckle

Nowadays, this brand is seen widely across professions, both mom and pop and corporate. Its name has been indispensable, so much that what started as a workwear brand has transformed itself into a fashion movement.

Ben Davis Zip Up Shirt

The Ben Davis Half-Zip is now available in trendy colors such as forest green and light blue. Made in the USA, this brand is idolized for its American establishment that has been solid and evolving throughout the years.


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