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Dickies remains to be one of the top leading brands for work wear. Their work pant is a staple in the retail and work industry, used for both casual comfort, business, and of course in the labor work force. This brand has evolved massively within the past 15 years, from being more than just a workwear brand. Their innovative changes to their pants and their evolved approach to style has allowed this brand to adapt to anyone’s lifestyle. In most recent years, Dickies has catered to young males, specifically those who live an active routine. Their most recent focus is their new ‘67 Collection that is specially made for active skateboarders or athletes.

Dickies hat on a guy in an alley

The new Dickies 67 Collection consists of every item they usually sell: button ups, jackets, shorts, pants, and denim. However, this collection is designed for any type of athlete. Their material is custom flex fabric to allow for easy and comfortable movement with apparel that stretches and adapts to everyday play and wear.

Diego likes to skate on his free time and he is always on the go. He wears Dickies Long Sleeve Henley with ‘67 Flex Fabric Slim Fit/Tapered Leg Duck Pant and Dickies ‘67 Snapback. The Henley is breathable enough to wear on a warm day, soft, and tagless for comfort. The duck pants are the slim fit style that Diego likes, but the tapered legs allow for more mobility. The classic snapback has a cushioned front that unlike a fitted snapback, reduces a sweaty discomfort.

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