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The Stance Company is recognized to create some of the most trendy, yet comfortable socks of all time. Stance deliberately looks into various atypical designs and styles to supply and cater to every unique individual. Stance socks are not only known for their eclectic graphics, but for their security and quality (because undeniably the heel and arch fit perfect in regards to comfort and sizing). Companies such as Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour will always be successful with their athletic sock line, but Stance takes it to the next level by making athletic-ribbed socks with arch support just like any established athletic company. In fact, Stance's success has led to collaborations with other companies such as New Balance and popular heritage brand, Brixton. Stance makes socks in any color you can think of with motifs and patterns to reflect anyone’s personality.

Stance often develops collections for their line that consist of themes such as sports (NBA, NFL, MLB) or special designs by artists such as skateboard or biker legends. Most recently, Stance decided to dedicate a collection to 70’s -80’s metal bands by using their first albums’ artwork as the graphic. These socks represent true heavy metal icons: Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and Slayer.

Stance socks are what every person would like to see when they open their sock drawer. Your mornings will be exciting when you are getting ready for the day and you suddenly remember that you have a pair of these socks to put on. If you are a die-hard fan of these bands, you need these socks.

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motorhead band with stance socks collection gunthers

slayer band with stance sock gunthers

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